Why can calls be so inconsistent during games?

The scary truth is that the refs are human. There are many things going on during a game and the referee is going to miss calls. Remember your focus is on your son/daughter while the ref may be watching the ball-carrier, ensure the teams are on-sides, watching a substitution occur, or all of the above. So while they may have missed the obvious push to your child, please understand they make more right calls than wrong ones.

Also because the rules are not absolutes there is a great deal of room for referees to interpret a rule. “Was an advantage gained?” is a mantra referees use when deciding (in a split second) that a foul occurred. If a player holds another player or commits push but the other team/player is not affected by it then they may choose to let it go. The next game, the next referee may feel that it warrants a call. Referees have a great deal of latitude. After the game, most referees have no issue explaining why a call was made. Note: I say explaining why, not justifying.

Also please remember that at the Grade 1/2 level coaches are ref’ing the games.

At Grade 3/4, Varsity HS players are ref’ing. These players are handpicked by PYL because of their knowledge and maturity. They know the rules and how the game should be played. Please don’t forget that they are 15-18 year kids themselves.

It is only at Grade 5/6 that certified refs are used.

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