Where does my registration fees go?

PYL’s financial goals is break even at the end of the season. We are not trying to make money from registration fees.

Registration fees are used to cover the following:

Every child in PYL is registered with US Lacrosse (Insurance)
Uniforms (each participant keeps lacrosse uniform at the end of the season)
Referee Costs (5/6 requires accredited referees)
Balls (we go through a lot of lacrosse balls)
Lacrosse Nets
Medical Kits
End of the Season Tournament fees (Fairport Classic)
US Lacrosse Coach Registration
League Fees
Year End Party
Replacement Rental Equipment (we are constantly updating rental equipment)
Goalie Equipment (we supply goalie equipment for each team)
Web Fees (Someone has to pay for this website)

The cost of running an organization is constantly going up and the Board members are always on the lookout for ways to save money without endangering any participants.

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