What rules does Penfield Youth Lacrosse follow?

Penfield Youth Lacrosse generally follows Youth Lacrosse Rules as set forth and published by US Lacrosse. The US Lacrosse rules and guidelines may not follow the same age groupings we use in Penfield or that are generally accepted and used throughout Rochester youth lacrosse, however the groupings are typically off by only one grade or one year. Rules differ for the boys and girls game.

PYL’s stance on on the rules is very simple. PYL teams play by the letter of the law. For example, Boys 1/2 and 3/4 there is no body contact and checks are limited to poke checks. This is how we teach the game and how we expect other teams (within RALL) to play.

Before playing in any non-league game, team coaches and/or officials should check to see what rules are in force for the contest(s). This includes tournament play, however the Fairport Classic Tournament will abide by the RALL League Rules.

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