The play in some games can get very rough, why is that?

Lacrosse at Boys 5/6 and above is a very physical game. The boys are bigger and faster and game is moving at a much quicker pace. While there is a no body contact rule in place, there are collisions and hits. The referees doing the 5/6 games are certified (learn more at GVLOA) and should be able to keep the game under control.

The lower levels (1/2 and 3/4) should not be “overly physical” with the rules stating no body checking and stick checks limited to pokes. With that said, these are still young boys with long metal poles. It is the requirement of the coaches and referees to keep the game under-control. If a game is getting out of hand, the coaches from both teams should immediately call timeout. During the timeout the coaches should discuss the situation with the referee and if he/she is unable to or unwilling to gain control the Penfield team should not retake the field.

The safety of the children is the number one concern of the coaches. Now with that said, collisions will take place and the occasional slap check with be made. Lacrosse is a contact sport and, unfortunately, injuries will occur. We try to minimize this as much as possible.

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