SHould I be concerned about “burning-out” my child?

Starting a first, second or third grade child in any “technical” sport can lead to several questions. Lacrosse, like golf, requires both fine and gross motor skills along with lots and lots of repetition. In order to pick up basic skills in either sport, it certainly seems like the child needs to perform the same tasks over and over and over. Naturally, this leads parents to question whether the child will “burn out” on the sport before High School. The PYL program, particularly at the 4th grade and below levels, is an extremely low pressure environment. Our #1 goal as coaches is to make sure the kids are having fun. The #2 goal is also to have fun. Beyond that, if they end up liking the sport then we encourage the development of skills. During practices we organize all kinds of “game play” which reinforce things such as stick skills and footwork. In many cases our drills won’t resemble lacrosse at all – the idea is to allow repetition in different ways so boredom (and burnout) do not set in.

PYL also highly encourages children to participate in several sports and not to concentrate solely on lacrosse.

All PYL participants are encouraged to proceed at their own pace. If they really enjoy lacrosse and want to develop skills quickly, they will work at home on their own without being asked. If they simply wish to participate in PYL, as long as they meet the minimum standards of participation they are more than welcome!

If you as a parent have concerns over “burn out” and don’t wish to sign your child up until a later age, at the least we would encourage you to get your child a lacrosse stick and ball and let them play naturally around the house and yard. If they join organized lacrosse at a later date they will at least be familiar with having a stick and ball in hand.

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