PYL stance on playing time in games?

PYL Coaches will ask boys and girls to make 2 of the 3 practices in a week in order to play in that week’s game. This has always been the “guideline” and should not be treated as a hard and fast rule by PYL coaches. Each child should be viewed on his or her own in terms of lacrosse effort vs. other things going on in life.

If the kids are making an effort during limited practices and in games, playing time should not really come into question. Those who put in effort will play. If a boy is busting his hump at practice and can only make one practice during the week, it should not affect playing time in games. This would be the case for most multi-sport athletes who need to juggle two sets of practice and game schedules.

If however we have players who are not making an effort on or off the field, or if the coaches feel it is unsafe to have a child out there, playing time in games will be at the coach’s discretion.

This becomes particularly critical at the boys 5/6 age group. If your child cannot put in a “best effort” to actively participate on the field of play they WILL be asked to sit and in some cases they will NOT be allowed to play in a game.

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