Pre-School Program

What is it?

The PYL Preschool program is designed to give younger children a chance to participate in a non-competitive, fun environment. The children will participate in drills and games that focus on the basic elements of lacrosse (catching, throwing, picking the ball off the ground, and shooting).

Who coaches it?

The program is staffed with volunteers from our PYL coaches. Most coach older teams (either boys or girls) but we do have some new coaches who are getting their feet wet coaching the littlest of the little. We also try to have the Penfield JV and Varsity players participate. The children seem to react well to a “real” player showing them how to play.


This is a tougher question. We try to have the program start in May but the real start date is determined by the weather. As the participants are really young, we don’t want their first experience to be in the cold or the wet. We want them to WANT to return the next week and the next year.

The program is on Saturday mornings at 9am


Traditionally we have held the program at Greenwood Park (Emory and Scribner). We have toyed with the idea of moving the program to Scribner to avoid parking issues but no decision has been made.

What do I need?

We do not require the children to bring anything other than a good attitude. If you have a stick that is a great plus but if you don’t own one we do have loaners.

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