Do you have recommendations on equipment for a new girls player?

The problem with buy equipment for the little girls is finding the balance between quality equipment and price. There is absolutely NO reason to buy a $130+ stick for a 8-11 year old. “It is the magician not the wand.” Below are some options that combine good quality and a good price.

Goggles: A proper fitting goggle is key to being a success in lacrosse. Often times little girls will show up with a grown-ups goggles. Nothing makes a girl quit lacrosse faster than ill fitting equipment. So for goggle I recommend:

STX 4Sight Youth Goggles. These are lightweight and provide excellent protection while maximizing vision. This goggle can be found locally (All Nations Lacrosse) for $34 (before discounts).

Stick: A good quality stick can last for a very long time. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a stick that will be perfect for a new player. Good sticks can be found locally for less than $40.

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