Do you have recommendations on equipment for a new girls player?

The problem with buy equipment for the little girls is finding the balance between quality equipment and price. There is absolutely NO reason to buy a $130+ stick for a 8-11 year old. “It is the magician not the wand.” Below are some options that combine good quality and a good price.

Goggles: A proper fitting goggle is key to being a success in lacrosse. Often times little girls will show up with a grown-ups goggles. Nothing makes a girl quit lacrosse faster than ill fitting equipment. So for goggle I recommend:

STX 4Sight Youth Goggles. These are lightweight and provide excellent protection while maximizing vision. This goggle can be found locally for $34 (before discounts). They have been making this goggle for 10+ years and that is because it works.

Stick: A good quality stick can last for a very long time. At the lower range of sticks there is very little difference. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a stick that will be perfect for a new player. Good sticks can be found locally for n

Other things like field player gloves (which look like cycling gloves) are NOT necessary but you do see some girls using them (especially when it is cold but to be honest a light pair of winter gloves works well for the cold).

Helmet? This is a tricky situation. They do make girls lacrosse helmets. They are used by a small number of girls in our program. I am not a big fan of them for many reasons BUT it is a parents decision if they want to equip their child with one.

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