Can my child wear soccer cleats?

The short answer is yes. You child can wear whatever they want. Especially for the younger kids, there is little difference in performance. The kids are small and we would rather see you invest in a good stick than spend money on cleats.

The longer answer is soccer cleats ARE different. Lacrosse cleats have a front cleat (single cleat under the toe) which is illegal in soccer (conversely, Soccer cleats ARE legal in lacrosse). Lacrosse (or American Football Cleats) tend offer more support around the ankle but that support comes at the price of weight. Soccer cleats tend to be much lighter.

The advice I give everyone is that if you don’t own any and are going to buy new then I would go lacrosse cleats (or football cleats). If you have soccer cleats or play soccer 9 months a year and lacrosse 3, then buy soccer cleats.

Either way you are better off with some form of cleats rather than sneakers.

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